Vanity Cask Glow Edition.

I have reviewed Vanity Cask Festive Edition and got really good response from you all. Thank you for such lovely hits and responses.

Today, I am going to review Another Edition from Vanity Cask which is Glow Edition.

Winters are already here and as well as the dry season for skin. To keep your skin all healthy and glowing in winters Vanity Cask’s Glow Edition has come up with some really useful products.

You can use code “APTSS” while buying the Glow Edition and you will get a beauty product for free. This is something really useful.

Also, they have come up with a referral program wherein if two people buy the box, you get one box free, if four people buy the box, you get two months boxes free and so on. More details on this is available on their website.

Coming up tp the box here is What is in the Glow Edition

Bliscent Pineapple Kiss Lip Scrub ( In the Box – Full size, 12 gms, Rs 200/-)

This is my first product from this Brand. Its a lip scrub and comes with a nice pineapple smell. Bliscent is a brand committed to make luxurious and handcrafted natural products. So its a brand with natural and organic ingredients. This lip scrub will help you get rid off the pesky dry flaky skin of your lips. Lips dry out a lot in Winters so its a must have products to maintain the softness of your lips.

Mom’s Therapy Coffee Body Scrub (In the box – 50gms)

Moms Therapy Coffee Body Scrub contains brown sugar, glycerin, coffee ground, grapeseed oil and black sesame oil. Coffee always makes a good body scrub as its a natural exfoliator which helps to do away with dry and dead skin, giving you a glowing and smoother skin.

Votre White Essence Advance Brightening Crème Scrub (In the box – 30gms)

I have used Votre products before and really impressed by their products. This claims to be a complexion enhancing advanced scrub containing natural exfoliants. It is enriched with Licorice, Aloe, Tomato Extract, Blackberry which helps to regulate melanin synthesis, while turmeric extract nourishes the skin. The result is visibly brighter, soft and clearer skin. This is a good scrub that does what it is supposed to do.

MCaffeine Sea Ferns Caffeine Sunscreen (In the box – 50ml)

Sea ferns sunscreen with Argon oil and Calendula is a unique blend that offers protection as well as nourishment to your skin. Special sen ferns extracts provides good sun protection while Calendula soothes the skin. Caffeine protects from harmful UV rays and tones the skin. It contains an airy nostalgic smell and is paraben free.

Gulnare Skincare Aloe & Vit E Face Cream (In the box – 30gms)

Gulnare skincare products offers skin care solutions for the socially conscious. Theur products remain 100% natural and each batch is handmade under personal supervision. Its a light weight cream specially made for oily skin types but works really good on not so dry skin as well. It contains the goodness of aloe vera gel with Vitamin E that works really good in daytime during winters.

As always the vanity cask box comes in black color with their trademark pink potli in it containing all the skin care products. I really hope they will add some makeup products too in coming editions.

This edition comes with Five products out of which only One products is full sized. Use the code provided above to get one beauty product for free in your box. Also, you can be a part of their referral program and take the advantage too.

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My New Phone Cover from Shopmetro!!!

Hello loves

Today I am going to write about my new phone covers that I got from Shopmetro.

Mobile cases provide the necessary protection which enhances the appearance of phone while minimizing the wear and tear. I love to own a good number of phone covers for my mobile so that I can change the same according to my mood.

Shopmetro is a online website where you can find a beautiful array of perfectly designed phone covers with high quality material. The material they use for their covers is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a tough, durable and light weight plastic material that provides high protection against drops. Shopmetro cases doesn’t add bulk to your phone while providing an uncompromising protection and style. Want to hear more about quality? The unmatched quality also includes in high grade paint, which results in no peeling and chipping or wearing off, of designs.

Have a look at the beautiful phone covers I received –

You can shop these highly durable cases from Shopmetro at very reasonable price that ranges from 499/- to 699/-. They have cases for.most of the phone models. You have a variety of range to choose from.

Also, you can get your phone case be personalized where they will print any picture provide by you, be it your or your loved ones. This can be a perfect gift idea. Another cool reason to explore and shop this amazing website.

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Healthy Munching with Snack Experts.

Today, I am going to review another subscription box and that is not of beauty products but of Healthy Snacks.

Yes, this time I received a subscription box full of healthy and crispy snacks. This box came from Snack Experts.

Snack Experts is an online Chennai based company selling healthy snacks.

How Snack Experts Introduce itself!!!

At Snack experts, we promote snacks that are safer, healthier, and better for people &our planet. From increased rates of cancer and diabetes to climate change, it has become clear that the eatables we put in us, on us, and around us – and the way those products are sourced, manufactured, and delivered – is causing us all real harm, instead of nourishing. Our main focus is to introduce our array of snacks to shoppers who want the best for themselves, their families, their communities & our planet to create a better and happier world.

Plans Offered by Snack Experts

Trial Box – This box retails for Rs.150/- and provides 3 pouches of snacks. Each packet weights 50gm. Every customer can book a single Trial box.

Standard Box – This box retails for Rs.699/- and provides 5 pouches of snacks. Each packet weights 150gm. Customer has the option to select the snacks from their wide range of options. Also COD option is allowed.

Smart Snacker – This box retails for Rs. 1799/- and provides service for 3 months. Each month, they provide 5 pouches of snacks weighing 150 gm each. Snacks can be selected by customer as per their wish. And COD option is available too. Also the customer will received free goodies worth Rs.300.

What I Received in the box?

Old Fashioned Nut Mixed

Its a lip smacking mix of pepper coated cashews and carefully sourced peanuts, almonds and walnut mix. This is a good misture to munch at any time of day whenever you feel like you want to have something light, crispy and healthy.

Triberry Medley

A delicious mix of rich dehydrated grapes, Cranberries and Sugar coated Strawberry. I love dryfruits and this one is a good mixture to have at the start of day and it will take care of your health all time.

Oats and Nuts Laddoo

Oats are best health companions that can fill your stomach to full without harming your health. I had many recipes made of oats but a laddoo made of oats and nuts, I have never came across. But this one is really quick and healthy snack to munch on.

Original Seed Flapjack

It is a blend of Oats with dry seeds, Jagerry and Butter. A perfect snack to munch on if you want to eat something sweet and healthy too.

Barnyard Crispies

As suggested by name, these are amazingly crispy and best to have with tea at evening. Taste like old crispies made by Grandma , this one is my favorite.

Need of healthy Snacks is very important these busy days and Snack Experts caters to this need very well.

Shop a box right now for yourself or your loved ones from Snack Experts.

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Hair care essentials from Nyle & Chik!!!

Hello ladies!!!

Hair care is as important as Skin care. Good hair adds a beautiful look to our face and help us feel good about ourselves. Today I am going to talk about some Really good shampoos from Nyle and Chik.

The products I am going to talk about today are –

Nyle Pollution Shield Shampoo

Nyle Volume Enhance Shampoo

Nyle Damage Repair Shampoo

Chik Hairfall Prevent

When it comes to taking care of my hair , I never go for seasons. I believe whatever season it is, we need to take care of our hair constantly because each season is going to effect our hair in its own way.

Nyle is a famous brand which is well known for its products. Nyle shampoo comes in different variants out of which I am going to review the three. Chik is another great brand for hair care products. It also has a array of different variants which are necessary for healthy hair.

Nyle Pollution Shield Shampoo

The Nyle Pollution Shield Shampoo leaves my hair clean with soft and smooth touch. It removes all traces of dirt and oil from my hair. It does feel dry after shampoo, so I got to use conditioner with it. Its a paraben free shampoo and does not cause any increased hairfall. Overall, I feel its a decent shampoo which comes at a very affordable price Rs 110/- for 180ml. You can use this shampoo on a interval of two to three days for best results.

Nyle Volume Enhance Shampoo

Every drop of this shampoo contains a unique Nutrition-Boost complex filled with the goodness of amla, reetha, lavender and blackberry. It nourishes your scalp and hair helping to promote thick and healthy hair growth. Its really leaves a smooth and silky touch after the application. After three uses I noticed a fine enhancement in my hair volume and is really good if you are thinking to get your hair straighten for a long period. Price – Rs 95/- for 180ml

Nyle Damage Repair Shampoo

It comes in orange color and runny texture like other shampoos. It lathers really well and rinse off too easily. It contains a mild refreshing fragrance like other shampoo. After like twi to three uses you will start noticing a very little change in your damaged hair. It contains shikakai, papaya, amla and hibiscus which is very good for hairs and it does not dry out your hairs. It comes out really useful for me beacause my hair got damaged very easily. Like other shampoo from Nyle this one is also paraben free. Price Rs 95/- for 180ml

Chik Hairfall Prevent

Hairfall is the most common problem we all face due to pollution and climate change. This shampoo from chik contains egg protein that naturally repairs damaged hairs and make them healthy and glowing.Its a white color shampoo and it lathers well and rinses well . It cleans the scalp well and removes all dirt and dandruff from hairs . After using it for some time I could say that it cam control hair fall to some extent. Price – Rs 47/- for 80ml

Overall, I found all these shampoos really useful for they all are made to erase one single problem from hairs and you can choose whichever is essential for you.

You can buy all these from –Cavinkare

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VanityCask Beauty Subscription Box Review

Hello lovely ladies

It has been sometime now since the beauty subcription boxes entered in Indian market and now there are quite a good number of options are there in front of us.

Today , I am going to introduce you to a new entrant in subscription box market.

Vanity Cask Beauty Subscription Box

Vanity cask is a luxurious beauty subscription box that gets delivered to your doorstep every month with a new edition. Each edition will be curtted by experts with a theme that will focus on taking care of your skin, hair or health.

I got Festive Edition box that caters to every problem that the skin and hair face during this busy time of the year.

This is the very first box I received and it came with five skin and hair care products out of which two are full sized products , two are sample sized and one is of deluxe size.

Votre – White Essence Lightening and Brightening Day Moisturizer SPF 35+++ (In the box – 30gms)

It is a super dual benefit cream which brightens and moisturises the skin while protecting it from sun also. Its a very light weight moisturiser that spreads evenly and absorbs easily into the skin providing a fair complexion while minimizes the dark spots and discoloration.

MOM’s Therapy Body Oil (In the box – 50ml, full size)

Mom’s therapy body oil ensures a blemish free and smooth skin within few weeks of application. Get baby soft skin with pearl glow effect that will nourish and reward your skin from within. The valuable ingredients in this body oil provides intense nourishment and eliminate stubborn spots and marks, giving you a spotless free skin , making your skin softer and shinier than ever.

Biotique – Morning Nectar Visibly Flawless Skin Moisturiser (In the box – 120ml, full size)

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you must have read about this lotion earlier and my love for Biotique too. I love Biotique products and this lotion is among my favorites. Blended with pure honey , wheatgram and seaweed, it sinks into the skin to replace natural oils and replenish lost moisture for a noticeably fresher and fairer skin.

Mcaffeine – Hop Seed SLS free Shampoo with Hibiscus and Vitamin E (In the Box – 50ml)

This sulphate free shampoo supports hair growth and fights itchy scalp, hair loss and other hair problems caused by chemicals. Vitamin E gives a natural shine to the hair, hop seeds and hibiscus nourish your scalp and hair. Also, it is paraben free and not tested on animals.

Thalgo – Assorted creams and exfoilators (Deluxe size)

Thalgo is a french based brand that specializes in skincare products formulated with algae and marine extracts intended for luxury skin treatments with best ingredients from deep sea.

There are three deluxe size products from Thalgo –

Gentle Exfoliator

Melt-in smoothening brightening cream

Silicum eye cream

I loved this brilliantly curated box that will help me in taking care of my skin and hair during this super busy festival timenof the year.

All the products are amazing and comes with good amount that will help you decide fir which one suits you better and you can invest in for a full size product.

I hope they will include makeup products too in coming editions. I can’t wait for another quirky edition from Vanity Cask.

All these luxurious products at only 999/- rupees which is a steal in itself. So, ladies go and grab the big steal of this festive season.

Shop – Vanity Cask

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Festive Season Glow Regime with Biotique!!!

Festive season is on a roll and I can’t wait for Diwali to show up. During festival season , you are always so excited to show up with your best makeup skills. When it comes to skin , caring for it is something that should be of utmost importance.

That’s why Biotique has come up with this special Glow Regime to get you most out of the festival season keeping your skin all healthy and Glowing.

Bio Papaya Exfoliating Facewash

It comes in a transparent inverted bottle with a flip flop cap. Its a gel based face wash which is white in color. It is very gentle and spreads easily without causing any irritation to your skin. It lathers very well removing all dirt and makeup from your skin. The minute particles present with the gel helps in exfoliating the skin better and leaves no trace of oil on your face.

Price – Rs 112/-

Bio Papaya Revitalising Tan Scrub

It comes in a white tub with green lid. There is a inner lid for protection too. Ingredients and Direction to use are mentioned on the tub itself. It is of muddish – grey colour and consistency is thick. It contains very tiny granules in black color that exfoliate well. It removes dead cells and cleanses the skin deeply Making skin smooth and clear. I love the fact that it is a tan removing scrub and I can see the results just after first use. I love its soothing fruity fragrance. It lightens the tanned area making it shine brighter. Although they have mentioned it to use daily, but if you have sensitive skin I recommend to use it 2-3 times a week.
Massage on wet face and neck with fingertips. Avoid eye area. Remove with water or damp washcloth. Use daily or as needed.
Apply on wet face and neck with fingertips. Massage gently. Avoid eye area. Rinse with water.
Price – Rs 199/-

Bio Fruit Whitening & Depigmentation Face Pack

I am a sucker for ready made face packs and for Biotique products, I am always highly interested in trying the new ones as they work magic on my skin. This one claims to get you a whitening and brightening skin. I have a fair skin and do not need much whitening but yes if it adds on a little brightening to my skin, that would be great. This face pack comes in a bubble gum pink with a texture that spreads easily and evenly onto the skin and settles immediately. It has a fruity smell that will not bother your nose and it dries quickly. After washing , it will give you a slightly brighter skin with a smooth and calm fell left behind.

Price – 199/- for 75ml

Bio Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum

This one is my most favorite product from this Glow Regime. Its a day and night serum that can be used before applying moisturizer. It comes with a medium texture not too thick or thin but a liquid foamy one that spreads smoothly and quickly absorbed by the skin. It helps in reducing dark spots on the skin and really works on it. Its one of the best serums I have came across and I really like it.

Price – 35ml , 199/-

If you read my blog regularly, you must be knowing that how much I have always loved Biotique Products. This amazing Glow Regime from Biotique is very effective and includes the best all natural products that will only enhance your skin better without any side effects.

Why I love Biotique Products?

No Animal Testing is Done.

100% natural and ayurvedic

Organically pure and free from any type of preservatives

Follow biotique at Twitter & Facebook – @biotique

Instagram – @biotique_world

You can buy these products – Biotique

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Casual day out ft. IKnowStudio!!!

Its an unexpected rainy day today in my city and rains call for a day out. Nothing can be more perfect than a comfy pink top with floral pants and high heels.

So, I pulled up this gorgeous top from IKnowStudio and decided to style it for my outing.

IknowStudio is an upcoming online fashion destination started by Timsy and Siddharta. I personally loved the IKnowStudio collection that is on point with all the latest trends, prints, styles, cuts and much more. I love how amazingly they have covered all the gorgeous prints with different styles. Its an eyecatching collection and you cannot resist yourself to buy something once you have a look at their latest collection.

They have styles to cover your office look, day out wear, brunch look ,parties or beach look. So ladies, Jazz up your style with this newest shopping destination that promises to keep your fashion on point everytime.

I got this gorgeous pink top from IKnowStudio and pair it up with my favorite Floral pants and wedges and Yess!! I am good to go for a day out. The fabric is super comfortable and for size the brand stands right to its words.

Here is how I styled this pretty pretty pink top –

I am not a pink loving girl but when I saw this top , its unique style caught my eyes instantly and I grabbed it at once. This is what I like about this brand , their styles and prints would force you to go a little out of the way and try on something you always deny to or feel shy for.

Check their collection at instagram – @iknowstudio

Also you can shop their collection on myntra Iknowstudio

They will be up with their online shopping portal website soon.

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Going all stylish with Femnmas!!!

Have you already decided what you are going to wear at coming weekend party???

Today, I am going to show you a dress option from which I had always find a excuse to escape – A Bodycon Dress by Femnmas!!!!

Here is a thing about Bodycon Dresses – You need confidence to carry these. While I have always considered myself a relatively confident person, when It comes to flaunt a bodycon dress, I suddenly fell shy.

When I was surfing the Femnmas Website online, I decided to shed my self shy and try this bodycon dress that has been a style statement since ages. Bodycon dresses is an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe. Whether you want to wear one on a night out , a shopping spree with friends or a club party bodycon dress is all you need to rock.

Sexy , Sophisticated and fully covered up this green bodycon dress with black patches from Femnmas is the full package and goes perfectly from the day to night with a dash of statement earring , vintage rings and a comfy pair of shoes!!!

Femnmas is a brand that deals in jewellery, apparels and bags for women and men In india. You can find the latest styles, prints and cuts with most reasonable price. The stuff is amazing and worth the cost.

Here is how I styled & loved the dress and jewellery from Femnmas –

I loved all the stuff from Femnmas.

You can shop yours at –

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How to style brown pants from Day to Night!!!?

We all love to style denims when it comes to cool & comfy wear from Day to night. But, I think there is something about a woman rocking insanely chic trousers for any event, be it office wear or dinner party.

Ofcourse, Denims will remain a perfect choice for us all time but lately fashion enthusiasts have turned their attention to something that is related to pants. You can see models rocking runways in all types of pants from flared one to tight highs. Pants are the new definition of fashion & chic these days.

So, I styled these cool coffee brown pants from “Aaina By Sanchari” .

Its a Kolkata based Womenswear Clothing brand, specialising in Workwear and After-work silhouettes in both western and fusion style. All their creations are designed in-house and manufactured in our own unit. They also retail from online store all over India (free shipping + free COD + easy return & exchange). Their online retail presence stretches to Flipkart and Amazon as well.

These are coffee brown pants in a very soft fabric that keeps me cool all day. There is a slight stretch in these pants that helps me be comfortable in my each movement.

The brand stands to its words when it comes to size, these pants fitted me like they are just made for me. I love this thing about online stores. For, we have to struggle a lot it any brand does not stand to its size , But AainaBySanchari is a pretty exception.

I styled these pants in three ways –

Work Wear

Brunch Date

Dinner Party

I loved styling these pants for they are so soft, cool and the fabric do not sick to your skin while sweating instead it socks the sweat and let you continue with your affairs.

aainabysanchari is a perfect destination for you if you are looking for cool, trendy, perfect fit and perfect price online shopping portal.

Shop yours now at – Coffee Brown Trousers

I would love to style more designs from this brand and if I do, I would show you all for sure.

Sign Up now to avail

A Special Discount on your First purchase

Early access New Arrivals at unbeatable prices

Exclusive Discounts

Free Delivery all over India

Easy Return/Exchange

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Unboxing and Review – The feel box from Reverie!!!

You all know well how crazily I love subscription boxes. Everytime they show up with surprise products and some new brands to try out.

Today, I am going to unveil The Reverie Feel Box here and I am sure you all gonna love it as you have loved all other boxes I reviewed.

Introducing Reverie Box as they say –

As Little girls, we dream of a future of silk skin, Rose cheeks and Brilliance. As Young Girls we Barter them for Toxins Today.

Extracting the Goodness of berries and Herbs, Ripe fruits and sometimes their bulbs, an all new range of customized Luxury natural skincare products delivered right to your door step.

At ReverieBox, all we wish to do is Help our little selves to take precedence over what is called beautiful today, by bringing you a monthly assorted gift of nature.

Reverie Box – Keeping your Dreams Alive!!!

The feel box –

So , I got this beautiful feel box like ten days ago , since then I was using products to prepare myself for the review.

Well, I got introduced to two new natural & organic products brand by the feel box

Vanvidhi and Varshavan. It was my first time using products from these brands. And I really loved the products.

Vana Vidhi Coconut Facewash

It has a nice luxurious fragrance, a fragrance that you got from high end luxurious products only. I loved it first for its smell. It is mild and soothing that gently removes dirt from skin leaving it refreshed and shining.

Vana Vidhi Green Tea Darjeeling Mild Brew Spa Scrub

Vana Vidhi Darjeeling Green Tea Spa Scrub is Soft and tender, it assures you good care for your skin. This Scrub is formulated to be non abrasive , while the freshness and delectable aroma are sure to luxuriously gratify your skin’s needs and senses.

Varshavan Night Blooming Jasmine Facewash

Its an another face wash in the box with too strong smell of jasmine. I feel most of you would not like the smell coz it lingers for sometime even after the cleansing. Coming to performance, it cleanses the skin effectively & efficiently, lathers well but it dries my skin way too much after use. Everytime , I have to use a moisturiser after using it. So, for oily skin I would recommend this face wash but for dry skin people , avoid using it.

Varshavan Green Tea And Monsoon Flower Face Lotion

This face lotion is milky white in color with a thinner consistency for a lotion. It has a soft floral aroma that vanishes minutes after application. The lotion blends with skin easily and leaves no greasy touch after application. It works really well with the Varshavan face wash. The lotion moisturises my skin well and makes it soft , fresh and with a healthy feel.

Overall , I like all the products in the box but these all are in 30 ml deluxe size bottles. Not a single product is full sized.

But then, it is a real good box to try out the products first so that later on you can decide for which product you want to buy a full sized one. If you love using natural and really luxurious products, this Feel Box from Reverie is worth to try out.

Its only for Rs 449/-

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