Dazzling with Damselcode!!!

We all love jewellery. Right?? Anything made beautiful after a woman is Jewellery. Something that enhances and lighten up the beauty of women. 

As you all know about my love for Subscription boxes, that is never ending. I was looking for a jewellery subscription box that can deliver to me the most intricate, gorgeous and best jewellery. Finally I got to know about this Website damselcode that provides the latest designs and styles in jewellery through subscription boxes. 

They offer three subscription boxes – 

Vanity box

Luxe box

I want it all box

What is Damselcode subscription box?

This is a jewellery subscription box for Indian women. You can choose the number of jewellery you would like to have. We offer three different subscription box sizes Vanity Box, Luxe Box and I want it all Box. You can also select the number of months you would like to subscribe the service for – 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
I decided to try the Vanity Box first. I received a pretty earrings and gorgeous chain necklace within it. Also, it arrived on time.

Here is how I styled the jewllery from my vanity box.

You can shop these subscription boxes – Damselcode Subscription Boxes

I love the quality and creativity that these jewellery pieces flaunts. I peraonally recommend Damselcode subscription boxes as they provide best jewellery at best prices.

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June My Envy Box Review – Summer By Pool!!!

I am a sucker for Beauty Subscription Boxes!!! Yes, I have said this same line like thousands time and the only reason behind it is “My Envy Box “. The feeling I got evwry first week of a new month that something new and really cool is coming to my way is best thing to start my month with. 

June’s Envy Box came with beautiful blue ocean print and with some really cool & useful products within it.

What’s inside June’s My Envy Box?

Essence Eyeshadow (full size, Rs 199/

Vetro Power Footwear Protection (In the box, 25ml , Rs 600/-)

It is an extremely powerful nanotechnology enabled footwear protective coating for your footwear. This product is what we all must be looking for as to keep footwear clean is a big problem. I am happy that I get to try this productand decide on the results.
Forest Essential – Eladi teenage day cream (In the box – 4gms, Rs 245/-)

Elodikeram day cream with SPF 30 is enriched with Mukta pishti specially designed to regulate sebum protection, balance and hydrate it while protecting the skin from environmental damage.
Forest Essential – Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream (In the box – 4gms, Rs 264/-)

Kumkumadikeram night cream is a highly effective night cream that contains powerful ayurvedic preparations of kumkumadikeram and manikya bhasma which helps to lighten pigmentation and clarify skin.

Essence Nailpaint (100ml, Rs 850/-)

I got this sweet as candy nail color from essence. It has a beloved gel shine finish with highly intensive shineand an extremely less dry time for a perfectly polished nails in a flash.
Votre After Sun Mist (50ml, Rs 500/-)

Soothe sun scorched skin with after sun mist, a perfect Skin balancer. Heals burns and excellent after sun treatment, works to balance the skin equilibrium which instantly reduces redness. It is an active blend of naturl botanical herbs and minerls that leaves your skin balanced, glowing and safer always.
Calvin Klein/Givenchy – Fragrance

We all love Calvin Klein perfume and this time also My Envy Box has provided a perfume tester of which I love the smell!!!
June Envy Box is a must must have to get ready for upcoming monsoons. A perfect blend of makeup and beauty products with a newly introduced footwear protection product at just Rs 850/-. Its a big STEAL. Go grab it now ladies.

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Slaying in LovethisStuff!!!

Even though I have a closet of lovely tops, I always find myself craving for old standby – White T- Shirt . Whether I pair it with a printed shorts or a short skirt , White T-shirt can balance all these in a most coolest way ever.

Summers demand for T-Shirts cool, comfy and flowly. I have this crazy thing for T-Shirt, obe wardrobe essential you can pair with any apparel without even a second thought.

I got this new White T-Shirt and makeup pouch from LoveThisStuff.  Its a marketplace for creative enterprenuers, designers and craftsmen. In the present day when mass manufactured goods have taken the market by storm, they help artists to showcase their talent to the world. It not only endeveour to take their unique creations to curious customers of india, but also spread awareness about handcrafted products across India.

I got this cool T-Shirt from their Designer collection – Choomantarr and this gorgeous pink makeup pouch from Thathing .

I styled this comfy T-Shirt with my black skirt from Stylista Insider and that pouch is adding a lot of cuteness to my closet.

Check my pics here – 

You can shop an amazing range of ptoducts from different designers on this cool platform – http://www.lovethisstuff.com 

Do check more ics and updates on my Instgram – @theswankystate.

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Black is back with Lurap!!!

Confused about what you would wear for an upcoming event, party or brunch??? 

You have so many apparel websites to offer you a pretty LBD , but again size is a problem!!! A big question arises – Would it fit me like it is just made for me or I have to get it tailored ???

I have a solution for you –  LURAP , a online apparel website where you can find latest designs or you can design it for yourself and get your dress tailored as per your measurements.

Introducing LURAP 

As brand describes itself –

We think that customized clothing empowers the users by giving them choice to select and buy best fitting clothes to enrich their wardrobe. Based on extensive research and surveys he we developed a business plan for the company that focuses on crafting custom made clothing. Lurap was conceived with the aim to offer affordable custom clothing to match every customer’s unique style and size profile. Order it Online and get it delivered anywhere across the globe!! Lurap promises the best made to fit custom clothing.
How they work??

As brand says – 

At Lurap we believe in ‘Made to Fit you’!! Our unique customization process offers you the choice of getting the precise customization that you had always wished for.

By opting for our unique customization process you can choose to customize your attire with your signature style. Play around with buttons, pockets, collars, sleeves, neckline or hemline to create your lovely dress. Just enter your preferences and we customize it exactly as you prefer. Choose the exact customization you want for your attire.

Customize your purchase down to the very last feature and get the exact clothing you wish for.

My LBD – 

I got this gorgeous black dress from Lurap and loved it at very first sight. Everything about it is amazing – awesome stuff, best fabric and crazy fit. It fits me and hugs me at right places like it is just made for me. 

Impressed with the right fit Lurap people has provided this dress with. 

Checkout pics where I flaunted this dress –

Lurap stands for “Love Yoyr Appearance” and I am totally in love with mine here.

I love how comfy is this dress and it helps me look classy and chic so effortlessly.

Shop yours at – http://www.lurap.com

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My Envy Box May 2017 review!!!

You all know my love for beauty subcriptio boxes and especially for My Envy Box. And I must thank you all for reading my blog with so much dedication and love. 

So, I received May Envy Box and absolutely love the watermelon print that looks so refreshing and cool.

What’s came within??

The Nature’s Co – Mango Crème Body Wash (175ml, Rs 695/-)

The delicious and pulpy Mango Crème Body wash is rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, which makes your skin healthy and younger. While its emollient properties helps in regeneration of skin cells, restore elasticity and act as a protectant against the sun. The creamy body wash lathers up in the bath or shower.

Cheryl’s – Dermashade Sunblock SPF 30 (Full Size, 50gm, Rs 550/-)

Cheryl’s Dermashade sunblock uses active herbal extracts which offer you complete sun protection. Available in SPFs 15, 30 and 50. Apply 30 mins prior to sun exposure. Reapply after 80 minutes in water or after excessive perspiring and towelling.

Grecobe – Green Coffee (In the box – 5 sachets, Rs 70/-)

Greencobe Green coffee bean extracts has strong anti-oxidants properties. It has been touted as being able to reduce blood sugar levels and potentially exert an anti-diabetic effect. It has also been implicated in weight loss and exerting an anti-obesity effect.

Fuschia Herbal Fusion Shampoo (Full Size, 100ml, Rs 450/-)

Fuschia herbal fusion shampoo has been developed to combat problems of hair loss and dryness. The nine herbs, its enriched with make sure it privides adequate hair nutrition while cleansing the scalp and cobditions it with natural follicle stimulation and prevents thining of hair and baldness. Suits all hair types, be it oily, dry or normal. Shine and volume is maintained in both men and women.

L’Occitane – Shea Butter Hand Cream (In the box, 3ml, Rs 96/-)

Honey, almond extracts and coconut oil are blended with shea butter to create this extreme effective formula. The rich texture leaves hands soft and smooth with no oily traces.

Reine Blanche Illuminating Cream (1.5ml, delux size) 

The illuminating cream, formulated with the reine blanche complex, made with extracts of natural origin, and Vitamin C, offers a complete brightening effect.

Reine Blanche Illuminating Serum (Deluxe size) 

The illuminating Serum, formulated with the Reine Blanche Complex, made with natural botanical derivatives, and Vitamin C, is designed to improve 3 dimensional qualities of skin evenness, luminosity and skin texture.

Omorfree – Melow Drizzle Skin Toner (Delux size)

Enriched with lavender, sour hony and rose to tone & soothe your skin, follow the mantra of cleansing, toning and moisturising for beautiful and healthy skin. Lavender enhances blood circulation, soothes and moisturize skin. It has excellent skin balancing and healing properties.

Its a box worth Rs 2000 that is available to you at just Rs 850. Pretty impressed with this edition and highly recommend it. Go, make a steal!!! 

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My Envy Box April 2017 Review!!!

I know this time its too late. Writing just two days before this month get ends. I received the Envy Box a little bit late due to some courier issue.

I must mention that I just loved Loved all the messages and comments that I received from all my amazing readers about the April Envy Box 2017.


Finally the post is going to be up. The theme for this month Box is “Work Hard, Glam Hard”. It is a beautiful wine color trunk box that shows a perfect theme of office.

As always, this time also the brand maintained the beautiful blend of makeup and beauty products that are perfect to shine at your work place. This time also, I just love the products and box.

What products I got –

Ruby’s Organics lipstick (Shade Burgundy, Full size, Rs 990/-)


A lipstick created only with natural and organic ingredients that are good for you! This unique product carries all the benefits of a lip balm but wears and stays like a lipstick. It gives a semi-matte finish which doesn’t dry out the lips. It has the goodness of Shea and mango butter which provides a high amount of nourishment to the lips. This lipstick has a rich blend of almond and castor oil.
This is the first time I am going to try this lipstick and I am super excited about this.

Organic Mill- Peppermint Foot Soak  (Full Size, Rs 250/-)


This  foot soak quickly cools and refreshes tired feet. Sprinkle the crystals into a basin of warm water. Immerse the feet and relax for 20 minutes. Rinse feet with cold water and towel dry.

Kinetics- Nail Paints  (Full Size, Rs 475/-)


The kinetic solar gel is a new nail polish that looks like gel, stays for 10 days and requires no UV/ LED light.

Tvakh – Glow Water (Deluxe size, Rs 425/- )


Tvakh’s Vitamin C glow booster is a leave on exfoliating water that fights mild to moderate acne, scars and uneven skin tone unveiling visibly glowing and radiant complexion. I would love to try out this product as this is also first time I will try this brand.

Kronokare -Body Lotion (Deluxe size, Deluxe Size, Rs 90/-)


City Lifestyle and aversive factors lead to the dullness of skin premature ageing and tired appearance. It is infused with pure ginger oil and plant essence which promotes the skin fluid circulation and toxin removal which in turn brings back nourished and glowing skin.

This time I got two brands to try out that I have not tried yet. This is why I love My Envy Box so much.

Its always a steal when it is Envy Box at just Rs 850/-. If you love these products, go get your hands on April Envy Box Now.

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Eyeglasses from Fizz!!!

Summers are here, so the need of trendy, cool, sexy and protecting sunglasses.
Summers and sunglasses have such a cool relationship we fashionistas can never go off!!


I am a huge sucker for cool sunglasses and adding a new style every summer is my bad habit I love the most.

This summer I got introduced to this website FIZZ and just love their cool sunglasses collection. I shop this gorgeous looking pink retro style oval sunglasses and here is how I styled it.

About Fizz – How Fizz describes itself!!!
Fizz is in a new bottle. Not everyone can have it, but we definitely know who it is not for: THE OLD.

Earlier this year, we launched Fizz as a video app on iOS and Android. The app showcased the best trending videos from around the globe. Our users loved it and asked for more. This got us thinking: what more could we offer to a young and dynamic India? 

For us, Fizz is about things that matter to us, to you and to everyone else. It takes shape in different forms, sizes, colours and expressions. Video is  here to stay, and the next phase of our journey is helping you get the best bang for your buck!

It can be very hard to find cool, unique, innovative and useful products. Products you actually need and have a use for. At Fizz, we strive everyday to help you discover and buy products that give you the edge. 

Don’t just watch it to use it. Fizz it!. 

My Experience!!

I am just impressed with the quality of sunglasses. These are super light and classy to wear.


Frame Material: AcetateFrame
Colour: Black Lens Material: PolycarbonateLens
Colour: Pink
Style: Oval
UV Protection: Yes
Lens Features: Mirror, Anti Reflective, Photochromic

Here is how I rocked these retro sunglasses



Shop for yourself now at Retro Sunglasses and rock these summers like never before.

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My Experience at VLCC Wellness Center!!!

Hello Lovelies


It has been a hectic week that just go by and the best thing about it was VLCC Meet up at my own city – Lucknow. I got this meet up invitation from VLCC and was super excited to meet Sushmita Verma – Category Manager (VLCC) and believe me it was a very informative session or I must say discussion on our daily life Problems – Skin care, Hair care, Puffy eyes, Redness, acne and much more.


We don’t need to be harsh on our skin to keep it beautiful, we just need to believe that we are beautiful and we need to preserve it – as said by Mrs. Sushmita. This is what VLCC does. the ambience of the center was professional and perfect. Got to learn a lot about their new techniques, beliefs and concepts. The knowledge that was shared by Mrs. Sushmita was enlightening and I was happy that I got to know a lot from this meet up.

There are many beauty services offered by VLCC.

Under Eye (Derma Heal Eye Treatment): This Eye Filler treatment is formulated with bio-actives to reduce any visible signs of ageing and wrinkle filling around the eye area.Eyes (Visionergy): Visionergy treatment is useful when you want to tackle problems around the eye contour area. Deep penetration of potent actives into the skin promotes regeneration for an amazing skin transformation. It reduces signs of aging and also prevents any skin flaws formation in future making it look firmer, plumper and radiant. The treatment revitalizes the entire eye areas by reducing wrinkles & lines and targets eye bags & puffiness.Face (Vampire Facelift): This VLCC beauty treatment is best advised for someone with dull and sallow skin. Vampire Facelift uses blood plasma from your own self and applies it to the face using dermarloller.  The process boosts cellular growth, healing and thus gives a youthful appearance to one’s skin.  This can be combined with other beauty treatments such as microneedling with radio frequency, Chemical Peels, Botox and Threadlift.

After a fun session, the event was concluded with the team thanking our presence and Mrs. Sushmita presented with a beautiful VLCC Wellness Hamper comprising of Slimming Tea packs, Diamond Facial Kit and Shape Up lotion for Skin tightening. Also, they gave a special discount coupon code for our fans and followers – Z2US6Q62 (You can avail 10% discount on any service at VLCC Wellness Center)


I must thank VLCC for this amazing session which help me to know a lot about how to nourish my beauty and stay cheerful always.

 For any queries, doubts, discussion or     collaborations reach to me at – reshuaries@gmail.com


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Summer Affair with Bewakoof!!!

Its been a long time I am updating the blog, was hell busy creating and working on new plans.

So lovelies, I am back with a new post with my always favorite Bewakoof. Summers are booming with heat and Bewakoof have launched the latest Summer Collection with the coolest styles, prints and fabric.

I got this Brooklyn T-shirt Dress and Crop Tops from Bewakoof.

As Always the fabric is superb and ultra comfy. I love how this T-Shirt Dress helps me look so chic effortlessly. Created a casual summer day affair look with T-shirt and I love roaming in it.

I have created two looks with Crop Top – Bohemian vibes and chic casual.

Check Now –






Bewakoof is an Indian brand and it never fails to impress me each time I shop their collection with proud.
You can check and shop – Bewakoof here and flaunt in style.

Also, I would love to mention that Bewakoof has an awesome collection for Men’s TrackPantsJeans for Men, Tank Tops and XXXL T-Shirts

For any queries, doubts, discussion or     collaborations reach to me at – reshuaries@gmail.com


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